Finance your life
with DeFi & TradFi

Lifetise is building the world's most exciting Web3 consumer finance platform.

Create your ideal life in our virtual world & see how to afford it in real life.

Earn LIFE tokens as you progress towards your goals.



Get what you want in life.

Quicker. Easier. Cheaper

Lifetise bridges DeFi and TradFi.
Bringing you the best of both worlds.

So you hit your financial goals easily. Whatever they may be.






How does Lifetise work?

Lifetise is a virtual world where people plan their lives and visualise how to afford major goals.

A true game of life, where you play decisions virtually before you commit in real life.

We believe EVERYONE should have the opportunity to be financially secure and create a life they love.

Life. Solved.

Lifetise supports every life decision from leaving school through to retirement

Home, marriage, vacation, new bike, pay for college, start a business, get a dog...

Whatever you want from life, play it out first.


Complex life decisions broken down into easy, step-by-step actions.

Earn tokens as you complete each step towards your goals.

Redeem tokens for valuable real-life rewards and discounts

Dynamic predictions

Become the master of your own destiny. Easily forecast the affordability of all your decisions.

Visualise how to afford each goal, now and looking into the future.

Reduce risk

Because life is unpredictable, stress-test your decisions in advance and model economic volatility.

Your financial forecast will adjust automatically to help you overcome any setbacks.

The #1 Application & Aggregation layer

We're evolving our multi-award winning Web2 platform into a Web3 ecosystem built on Polygon that introduces 2.3 billion mainstream consumers to DeFi.





$LIFE token

The $LIFE token is the fixed-supply, non-inflationary utility token of the Lifetise ecosystem with multiple revenue streams.


$LIFE token holders get access to a wide range of features, including:

  • Stake $LIFE to earn APY:
    Put tokens to work, to achieve goals quicker.
    Plus earn a higher APY in P2E mode by completing actions towards those goals.
  • Get partner rewards:
    Earn rewards from our DeFi partners for using their protocols.
  • Get involved through LifeDAO:
    Vote on key project decisions, including platform features and partners.
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Awards & recognition

Lifetise is a multi-award winning fintech, alumni of Accenture's prestigious Fintech Innovation Lab and is backed by world class investors.

CryptoGraph Top10 token launch
Grant funding award
Grant funding award
Top 50
UK Fintechs 2021
Mayor of London High Potential Startup
Fintech Powerlist:
Senior Leader 2020, 2021
Most Innovative Fintech Companies of 2020
Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab 2019


The Lifetise team brings together expertise from Vitality, the most successful use of gamification to incentivise consumer behaviour in financial services. Plus Rakuten Advertising, Deliveroo, PruHealth and more.

Nick Wasmuth

Co-founder & COO

Caroline Hughes

Co-founder & CEO

Stefan Traykovski


Development team

Founder Q&A

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The current financial services industry was built by Baby Boomers for Baby Boomers. It reflects their financial lives.

But we need a financial system that reflects the younger generations and their economic realities: student debt, low wage growth compared to house prices, portfolio careers and the gig economy, remote working, increased entrepreneurship and self-employment, longer life expectancy and uncertainty around whether they will every retire, the rise of cryptocurrencies and DeFi!

We're building the most exciting consumer finance platform in the world.

Evolving our multi-award winning Web2 platform into a Web3 Metaverse.